Coated Needle FAQ

Q: What material are the needles made of?
A: 304 stainless steel

Q: How are these sterilized?
A: EO gas

Q:What resting period is used between sterilization and shipping?
A: Minimum 48 hours.

Q: Are these laser cut or grinded?
A: Grinded

Q: Do the needles undergo passivation ?
A: in short alkaline bath, rinse, nitric acid bath, rinse then test

Q: Are these needles processed and packaged in a clean room?
A: Yes, 
these are packaged in a ISO 14644-1 (class 7) Clean room. 

Q: Do your needles have lot numbers?
A: Yes, they coordinate with the sterilization certificates

Q: Does Obsidian Needles have an expiration date?
A: Yes, 3 years from manufacture date.

Q: Can Obsidian needles be re-sterilized?
A: Yes but not in the original sterile pouch, you should put the needle into a new pouch before running it through you autoclave.